Molly’s cria breaks her leg

Last year we bred our true black female Molly to an outstanding male at Magical Farms (MFI Prepaid) so we were very excited that Molly recently had a female cria. I had noticed that this cria was particularly active charging around the fields like I’d never seen and I remember thinking to myself if she doesn’t slow down she’s gonna hurt herself. I guess I tempted the fates because about a month ago she showed up lame hopping around on 3 legs. An initial field exam by a vet suggested a sprain type of injury rather than a fracture and we decided to let her rest and see if things improved. After several weeks with no significant improvment we finally took her into the vet’s office for an x-ray where it was confirmed that she actually did have a fracture in her front left leg. The fracture is small and very high up on her leg bone near her body so it was decided that it would not be practical to fit her with a cast. The fracture is already showing signs of healing and we think another few weeks of general rest will be all that is needed. At least that is what we are hoping for!

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